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Top bad poker practices not to apply online

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Top bad poker practices

Do not use these strategies in pokergalaxy. Try to avoid these common online poker mistakes.

When you play some poker in the internet, you might think you know everything, but it’s not always like that. On the contrary, it turned out that there are plenty of average players (not even beginners) who are applying super wrong and corruptive practices in their experience. You know the result – they are never satisfied and the worst part is that they don’t realize the mistakes they are doing.

As a result of these conclusions we have recently made about poker activity in the internet, we have decided to make a list with the top bad poker practices that are commonly applied, but shouldn’t. Please, feel free to check them out and to never use them again, if you want to advance and to be the next poker cash game or tournament winner of the month.

  1. It’s about doing the match right. Yes, poker has something to do with the mathematician skills, but it’s far away from the general accounting job. Some players pay serious attention at their bankroll management systems, which is good, because a lot of others don’t even have one. However, it’s also about being focused in the game. Specifically in a particular game.
  2. Playing poker as a gambler is not ok. When we say gambler, we don’t say poker is not a part of the gambling world. We mean that there are a lot of players who believe that playing with luck is the only winning play. Sometimes, it’s indeed necessary to take risks. However, these risks should be estimated and evaluated. They should be reconciled with the ROI, too.
  3. Playing Omaha poker with the same strategy you win a lot of money when playing Texas Hold Em. First of all, we don’t even realize what the deal with trying to play all of the poker formats at once is. If you are great in Texas Hold Em poker, why do you play Omaha, too? Why do you waste your time and funds? And second of all, guys, understand it once and for all – Texas Hold Em has completely different rules and hands ranking in comparison to the ones in Omaha poker format.
  4. Playing multiple tables at multiple poker brokers. Having a lot of accounts in different poker operators, especially if they are trustworthy like pokergalaxy is indeed a good strategy. You will get more bonuses that way and you will test more services. Playing multi-tabling poker is also great. This is how you increase your potential daily win. However, mixing both of these good things is not ok. When you play a couple of tables, make sure they come from the same website. It’s easier and less destructive this way.

These four bad strategies in online poker are like curses to today’s beginners and unfortunately, we see more and more people applying them. Please, don’t do this mistake, too.

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