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Some Simple Ways To Figure Out Loose Slot Machines

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In the present time, if you are in Atlantic City or Las Vegas, you may easily come across thousands of slot machines accompanied by people all around them. And, slot machine players definitely make good amount of money from the slot machine games. Some slot machines can yield exceptionally good results. In other words, they can help you win more number of times; and, such slot machines are also referred as “loose” machines. So, the most basic question that might pop inside your mind is that how to spot or figure out a loose slot machine?

Well, the placement of loose slot machine completely depends upon the can play on free online slot machines offering by most of the big slots websites. Yes, the casino management plans very carefully before placing their loose slot machine at any particular location. So, if you are able to figure out the loose machines, you may earn some good amount of money. In fact, you might even win a jackpot. Once you hunt down a loose slot machine, you can easily analyze the payback percentage based on the amount or value of money required to play. So, let me provide some easy tips to get closer to the loose slot machines:

      • First of all, roam around the casino to figure out probable locations for a loose slot machine. It has been seen that casinos place their loose machines usually around the change booths. The reason behind is that change booths are considered as locations with high-traffic condition. So, when the traffic is high, it is quite natural that more number of people would choose to play. The entrance of a casino is also considered as a hot spot for loose machines.
      • Slot machines installed close to the crossing areas inside the casino are also considered as loose machines. And, machines placed at the ends of rows are also among the list. In simple words, it is always better to avoid machines in the mid region of the rows.
      • Slot machines installed near to the lofty carousels in a casino is also considered as loose machines, because they get more exposure to the players. A gambler winning repeatedly on these slot machines is distinguished from almost any other spot of the casino floor.
      • Older casinos are more popular for loose slot machines, particularly if you are in the city of Las Vegas. Management of older casinos may plan more slot machines to be loose in order to keep people away from the newest casinos.

How To Find Slot Machines That Help In Big Payouts

There are many people who get confused while searching for the best slot machines, however Zig Zag is the most common and much used method for hunting loose slot machines. You might be wondering about the name Zig Zag as to how it came or what is the reason behind it; actually it is still not known, while many of them assume different kinds of stories. Some say that as players zig as well as zag all around the casino in search for a good slot machine or in look out for someone to help, the name might have been given. On the other side, some say that there is no single proof of the claims.

What might be the actual purpose of zig zag method out of all those assumptions, the answer is- zig zag method is to look out for designs or patterns. We shall refer an illustration to understand it in a better way. Just imagine that if you wish to win a jackpot you should get bananas. Now the player enters the casino with a motive to get bananas on the reels. This pattern is the real method of zig zag.

Nowadays, you would find a new system in the casinos called as Random Number Generators. These generators are the devices internally built in the machines that analyse patterns and symbols to show them on the reels. Whenever you bet on a specific limit and hit the handle, it is the random number generator that decides what symbols are to be displayed. From this system, we need to understand that each and every probability is independent of the other. The generator is only responsible for all the spins, hence guessing the outcome of the event is simply a faulty expression.

Most of them are familiar with a theory that the loose slot machine are kept near the entry point and exit point of the casino. There is one more interesting theory associated with the casinos, casino owners usually keep loose slots in the machines where players tend to play more. Slot machines near cashiers, rest rooms and near ATM’s are the common places where many players try their luck. It is very wise to know the evens and odds of the casino too, before selecting a slot machine for the bets. Study well about more theories, it is very useful to understand many unknown lessons of the casino.

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