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Solve Problems of Bally Slot Machine

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Bally is a very popular manufacturer of slot machines; slot machines are nothing but gambling devices used for operating coins. This is a easy to use machine, as the player just needs to insert the coin and pull down the lever; then the reels of the slot machine rotate and determines the outcome of the game, whether the player is a winner or a loser. The player can find one tray attached to the bottom of the slot machine; whenever the machine displays error codes, it indicates that the device is not in a proper state and needs a troubleshoot. Troubleshoot is the way to repair the slot machine; there are many ways to fix the machine. Following are some of the ways of fixing it; continue reading to have a glance.

    • Suppose the machine displays error 12, it indicates that there is some problem with the battery; hence you need to switch off the slot machine and then switch it on. Error code 12 signals that the power of the battery has come down to 2.9 volts, which is below the standard level of voltage.  Still if the device does not get proper, open the door of the slot machine and close it in the right way; this is the method to reset the slot machine.
    • If the above two methods do not work, simply replace the old battery with a lithium battery of 3.6 volts. The battery is placed inside the CPU; remember to be careful while setting up the battery.
    • Now, let us see what error code of 3300 is. This error code determines that the hopper of the machine is empty; it is displayed when you are checking the level of coins by opening the door of the machine. Hopper is nothing but the part of the device from where the player receives the coins. When there are no adequate coins in the device to pay to the player, the machine displays an error code 3300; which means that the machine has to be refilled with sufficient coins. After refilling, close the door of the device in a proper manner.
    • If you get an error of 3100; check out for the coin jams. Use your fingers or any thin material to check if there are any jams in the channel; make sure you clean the machine frequently with a neat cloth.

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