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Win a Game on Cleopatra Slot Machine

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In the present scenario, a player has a choice to select any style of slot machine from wide collection of different kinds of slot machines. Innovative graphics, animations, sound effects, displays makes the game more interesting to play. People enjoy a lot in a casino when they see any new and refreshing activity and play more games than usual.  Slot machines usually have theme based games; the themes depend on television stories, sports starts, legends, vacations, holidays etc. There was a queen named Cleopatra, she was quite famous in ancient history; and at present the theme of a casino game is based on Cleopatra. She was known to be the most glamorous of all the queens in that early era. In order to win a game on Cleopatra slot machine, the player has to follow a step by step instruction guide. Some instructions are laid for you below, read it carefully and begin your game on the Cleopatra slot machine. So you can find best slots tips and strategies for getting best output at here and we are happy to tell all of our readers that wiki help as alot for this as well..

    • The first and the foremost step is to set a bet amount and start spinning the reels on the machine. The reels of Cleopatra are of two kinds, one has twenty play lines and the other has nine play lines. There are five reels present in each machine.
    • The minimum bet in Cleopatra is one cent and the maximum bet of this slot machine depends on the casino. Play according to your budget, you can gamble the number of bets depending on the amount you have in your budget.
    • Look out for symbols such as Cleopatra symbols, scarabs and sphinxes symbols. These are also known as bonus symbols and they fetch you fifteen free rounds of the game.
    • Try to acquire five symbols of Cleopatra so that you can succeed in winning 10,000 times of your bet amount. Two sphinxes will pay you 2 to 1 and three sphinxes will pay you 5 to 1. On the other hand, four sphinxes will pay20 to 1 and five will pay you 100 to 1. Remember five scarabs pay 2000 to 1.
    • Suppose you win any particular combination or special combination, you can win triple of your prize amount. After all the performance, the bonus amount is calculated all together, make sure you check the total amount again.
    • Each casino has its own guide explaining about winnings of the game, you can have a look before starting your game.

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